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Easy to follow crowdsourced guides

Do It Yourself Online Safety (in 9 languages)
There are many ways someone can track you down. With GIFs and instructions, this guide is a collection of tips and support including our best finds.

How to Build Your Own Domestic Violence Case Without A Lawyer (in 5 languages)
Learn how to collect and document evidence of abuse for divorce, criminal cases and/or child custody.

The Good Friend Guide
How to be supportive to a friend or family member experiencing abuse.

Manipulation is Abuse
How to identify manipulative situations and people, and how to deal with them.

Getting Better & Moving On
Recovery after abuse and trauma


Putting local information & support at your fingertips
Information on how to spot abuse, deal with abuse in teenage relationships, get help and get out.
Information on spotting abuse in hetero and same sex relationships, manipulation, mental abuse and how to get help.
Information on how to spot abuse, mental health, get help and get out.
The Supernova Project is a global effort that aims to contribute to addressing abuse within the LGBTQIA+ communities*.

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Cutting the digital services gap

Cuts to government funding and a slowly adapting social services sector can leave survivors at risk. Ultimately, our goal is to enable women to become the masters of their own fate. Hence, in 2016, we decided to support two digital services. This is a daunting but hugely exciting thing for us, as a volunteer-run organisation to take on and we will be blogging about it!

Soul Medicine
Soul Medicine is a mental well-being programme designed to reduce loneliness and depression by providing people with tech-facilitated access to crowdsourced (by volunteers!) feel-good knowledge courses and motivational quotes. These courses can be delivered in multiple languages, thus helping people learn new languages and expressions along the way. We’ve received a grant from Comic Relief to make this project happen over 2017-18.

Little Window
Little window is a smart search bot that directs women to the information they are looking for as quickly as possible. Think of it like google search on turbo for all of Chayn’s resources and those provided by our friends too. We want to drastically reduce the time women take to search for information which in many cases can save lives. You’ve probably seen it in action already on our homepage!

Chayn is creating the world’s largest collaborative resource for survivors of sexual assault. We’re starting with the UK and India. “YANA” aims to be a groundbreaking initiative that reflects the needs and experiences of survivors from diverse backgrounds. We want to make it easier for them to find out what their options are, and who can help.

This web application will provide safe, timely, 24-hour support and cover these areas: – Providing supportive, culturally-sensitive information to spot sexual assault and seek help
– Signposting to local and community-specialised shelters, sexual violence units, lawyers, therapists and digital services
– Checklists with procedures for reporting and how long it should take
– Creating a safe space to enter and save details of the incident could prove to be a key tool for later investigation and could save the survivor the trouble of repeating the details to multiple authorities