While working with survivors and victims of domestic abuse, we have learned that many people who have experienced abuse or trauma in their lives also experience mental health issues as a direct effect of what they have been through. This is why Chayn has created a Mental Health Toolkit available for download by NGOs who support vulnerable individuals of all situations and circumstances. Knowing more about the various psychological conditions that victims of trauma can experience, such as depression, anxiety, self-harm and suicide, and even Stockholm Syndrome, will help NGOs and charities provide better and more effective support.

The Toolkit was written and approved by a team of psychologists and includes information from several well-trusted sources to ensure the high quality of the information provided. It can be used in any way you think your organisation will benefit from it. Some examples of applications include: as a training tool, in therapy, as web content, printed off as pamphlets for your local area.

The Toolkit is under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license so if you are a professional or organisation who works with survivors, please use, remix & distribute this guide as you see fit but attributions to CHAYN for the original work will be most appreciated.

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