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Support the printing costs of the How to Build Your own Domestic Violence Case Without A Lawyer guide, as well as international distribution to NGOs, aid organisations, and shelter homes in Europe, North America and Middle East

Printing of 7,500 copies / £2000 Postage of the guides / £1000

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Fatima’s husband had been abusive to her for a long time but she finally realised she needed to get out when he threatened to have her killed. In order to turn their community against her, he planted vicious lies about her engaging in affairs that he knew the community would believe and so support him in “punishing” her for her alleged infidelity. In a pocket of Pakistani society where honour killings are often justified and carried out, his threats had to be taken very seriously. She also feared for the lives of her children, all under 10 years old and at the mercy of their violent father.

In an act of immense courage, Fatima managed to divorce her abusive husband and, with her small children, fled to a different city. However, Fatima is unemployed and has no means of supporting herself and her children. She cannot go back to what was a nearly fatal situation, but she is having difficulty making ends meet by herself. As with most women who face domestic violence in Pakistan, her own family is also unsupportive of her choice to end her marriage.


This is where your donations come in. She can use the money to make an initial payment on accommodations that will allow her, a single woman, to live with her children. This means her children will have a stable and safe home environment. Women’s shelters in Pakistan are scarce, as well as being very unsafe for women as they often do not follow vital security procedures meaning an abuser can easily track down a victim if she is staying in a shelter.

With starting funds Fatima can also set up a small enterprise that would allow her to make extra cash, and eventually help her become financially independent. Lack of financial independence is one of the main reasons why women in abusive homes do not leave. One of her ideas is to work from home as a sales representative, selling things like beauty supplies and other catalogue items as many women do to earn extra cash. This also means that she can work from home and stay with her children.

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After 7 years of unsuccessfully trying to break free from her family’s control through police & social services, Zara has got in touch with us & we want to help her escape the country she is currently being held in. She is being threatened to be forcibly married to someone in Pakistan, from where getting her out will be near impossible. We need to get her out before it is too late! We cannot do this without your help.


We need £1000 to get Zara out of the country and into a safe house. We have £300 already but we need to raise £700 to buy the ticket.

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