Introducing Ammal – the pay-it-forward digital skills sharing network for women

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Learning new technical skills is essential to competing in today’s ever-changing workforce. At the same time, being able to work and participate in the economy is vital to supporting women’s financial independence and confidence in their capabilities . However, learning new skills can be expensive and intimidating. This is especially true for marginalised groups of women who may have less access to necessary resources and may not have a background in formal education. For these women the barriers to continued lifelong learning are even higher, yet they could also stand to benefit the most from upskilling. Chayn’s education network, Ammal, is aiming to change this.


Ammal is a new education initiative that hopes that, by empowering women through gamified training, Ammal can get women coding, designing, building and more importantly, collaborating! Run by the team behind Chayn, Ammal will create an open and collaborative network of women who support and empower each other by passing on the skills they have and the skills they’ve learned to other women.


Courses will initially be delivered in face-to-face blocks (all free), with all materials being available online for reference. The blocks will last just one day and will take place in a relaxed, fun and engaging environment. To encourage the development of the Ammal community, women who attend will be asked to pass on what they’ve learned so far to three other women before they can continue on their Ammal journey. Being part of this community will provide individuals with the confidence and support needed to enable them to capitalise on the opportunities created by the new skills gained. We’re grateful to UnLtd for supporting us for the pilot of this project for 16-30 year olds in Tower Hamlets, London; and P2PU for helping us get started in the world of online/offline modular learning.


Chayn can’t deliver the vision for Ammal alone.


We know that there are already some fantastic organisations working in the field of facilitated online learning. Here’s who we would love to get in touch with:

  • Anyone who has or would like to open source their course/teaching material on digital skills such as social media, video editing, branding design and css/html.
  • Any organisation that works with vulnerable women online or offline and would like to be part of the pilot


Chayn is looking to partner with these organisations, and others, to share resources and expertise so that the training delivered by Chayn, can be of the best possible standard to give the women that attend the best chance of making a positive change in their lives as a result. If you or your organisation would be interested in being involved, get in touch.
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p.s. Wondering what “Ammal” means? It means action & hope in Arabic and from there also became part of Farsi & Urdu.





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