Chayn is looking for badass volunteers who want to build tech solutions with survivors

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We’re a volunteer-run open source gender and tech project empowering women against violence. Over the past three years, we have launched two crowdsourced platforms, three international toolkits and run three hackathons. We’ve got 70 volunteers from 12 countries, totalling an average of 500 volunteer hours a month and our projects have reached over 60, 000 people around the globe. Our projects are used by women from around the world especially India, Pakistan, Italy, UK, UAE, US and Lebanon.


Most importantly – we don’t create platforms and resources FOR survivors, we create it with them. Our working model is to co-create solutions with survivors that are open to any human being or organisation to use, remix, and build upon.


You can have a look here for our projects here and read our impact report from 2014 here.


We like welcoming people in our community who are open minded, empathic, who recognise the class & structural discrimination against women, are happy to work with people from all around the world as a team, rather than an individual. We like people with gumption – those who take charge of their role in the organisation and jump right in! 90% of our volunteering happens online so you don’t have to physically be anywhere. We use Facebook, Slack, Asana and Google docs to get work done. You don’t need to know these but must be up for learning how to use them!


Who we’re looking for

Our hearts are open for anyone who is passionate about gender equality, has time to dedicate, is an avid facebook user (or is willing to be!), loves GIFs, can dedicate at least 4 hours a month, and be online for 2 hours for Chayn Day (a remote coworking day for volunteers held on the first Sunday of every month).


Here are the key skills we’re short of at the moment:

  • Developers – is your mother tongue Python, Ruby or Javascript? If you smiled at that – you know we want you!
  • Wordsmiths & journalists – If you’re good with words, happy to write blogs, check content on our resources and help shape how we connect with women, we’re looking for you!
  • Designers – Whether graphic design, UX or video production is your passion – we’ve got lots of projects you can get stuck in to.
  • Also, if you’re from India or Pakistan, and have about 10 hours/week to dedicate – we’re looking for a kick ass team of patriarchy fighters. Could this be you?


There have been people who have been made project leads the first day they join Chayn so really – what you want to get out of Chayn is your own prerogative!


How To Apply

There will be 5 rounds of interviews, an essay question and a video submission. After that, a shortlist would be drawn, from which you will be able to progress to final interview stage.

Just kidding.


We’re all about simplicity. Fill in this quick form, and then jump on a quick call with one of us. If you think we’re a good match for you – then you’ll be added to our online community and you can jump right into making a difference to thousands of women around the world.


See you soon!


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