Zariya, a Chayn partner, puts empowering technology in the hands of Indian women

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For the first time in India, Zariya (, a Chayn India partner, will open its digital doors to vulnerable Indian women from 2nd October in Hyderabad. Zariya is the first website of its kind in India connecting women with qualified advisors specializing in counselling, and legal aid. Women who need access to a legal advisor or counseling professional can now simply visit and request assistance on the website. At this time, Zariya does not offer medical care but hopes to do so in the near future. For information on how to become a medical service provider for Zariya, see the bottom of the post.


For women in India who deal with abuse, violence, and oppression, getting help is difficult, but in today’s modern India getting help should be easier than ever before. We Indians are obsessed with everything tech, from loving our online shopping apps to debating Digital India with our friends. However, while the increasingly digital future of India aims to provide the entire country with vast amounts of information, one need is yet forgotten – the needs of our abused and vulnerable women.


With user-friendly layout and that savvy and clever ‘Hide this website’ button, Zariya gets a gold star on privacy and anonymity as well as on easy accessibility and usage of their website even for women who aren’t well versed with technology. The Zariya team guarantees assistance within two days from the date of request and also gives the user to report an incident or submit a request for a friend of relative. If you require immediate information and want to learn more about how to cope with your situation during the waiting period, a link to Chayn India is provided after you’ve submitted your request.


When launched it was the first online, crowd sourced hub dedicated to fighting domestic violence in India by providing women with everything they would need if they are experiencing abuse, such as a guide to Indian divorce laws and mental and sexual health. Chayn’s toolkits, guides and regional websites changed the way women accessed and used self-help information to get to the point of knowing they want help. Now, Zariya aims to disrupt the way assistance is provided to women in India, placing the access to aid directly into the hands of women who can choose the terms of their empowerment. Women who have decided that they need to take the next step to improve their situation can visit and enter the details of the abuse or the problem they are going through, be it domestic violence, acid attacks, or rape, as well as the city they are in. Then, Zariya will match them with an advisor who will contact them within two days of placing the request. The advisor will maintain a file on each woman’s case to ensure she gets all the support she needs from referred professionals such as counselors and lawyers. Zariya cuts out the lengthy process of going through an NGO or legal aid organisation and makes the process more organised, efficient, and reliable by ensuring quality control.


This advent of technological tools for women also lays to rest the myth that women of certain socio-economic or cultural backgrounds experience domestic violence or that only certain groups can access assistance. Now, all women regardless of where they are or their background can get the help they need with the click of a button.


Websites like and not only encourage women to educate themselves but also empowers them to make their own choices regarding how and when to ask for help, and what kind of help they want. Empowerment begins with the freedom of choice, and a tech-forward nation gives us a myriad of choices.


Chayn India is proud to be a part of this digital revolution with Zariya for a healthier, happier nation starting with those who need it the most – the women of India.


Zariya is currently operating in Hyderabad, India.


Zariya is currently looking for service providers in India! If your organisation is able to provide services such as legal aid, healthcare, mental health care, counseling, housing, shelters, etc., then do not hesitate to contact a member of the Zariya Team. To connect with Zariya and become a service provider with them, kindly go to to contact a member of the team.

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