Help Chayn brainstorm an innovative revenue stream for abuse shelters at MakeSense World Wide Hold Up Day

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Calling all creative thinkers, brainstormers, problem solvers, fixers and people who give a damn about empowering women!


As part of the World Wide Hold Up Day* by our favourite people, MakeSense, there will be a HoldUp on the following challenge:

“To find a way for ChaynVille to sustainably fund itself, so it can continue helping women escape from domestic violence and start a new life.”


*A hold-up = a rapid prototyping brainstorming workshop which uses design principles and the facilitation by MakeSense to solve the challenge faced by a social entrepreneur.


As some of you will know, ChaynVille is an venture to iterate different models of sustainable and empowering shelter living. Shelter homes are often like jails or uninspiring boarding houses where there is little to encourage and inspire women to learn new skills, make new friends and become financially independent. Shelters are also 99% of the time (to my knowledge), run on donations though some income might be supplemented through selling handicraft made by women. We want to change this.

And we need your help to achieve this.


How can you help?

Turn up on this Saturday to help us brainstorm in the signature MakeSense style HoldUp fashion to come up with solutions. You can sign up here or just turn up on the day:

citizenM (meeting room is on first floor!)
20 Lavington Street
London SE1 0NZ
4pm to 7pm
Saturday, 31st January

Also, if you do come, you’ll be able to don some Chayn stickers on your laptops!


I just want to give a big shout out to Gabi for facilitating our HoldUp; Elodie and Laura, for helping organise the mammoth World Wide Hold Up Day; and Maryam for taking the charge of representing Chayn as the longest serving Chayn Executive team members.


In case you are new to MakeSense and Holdups, here is more to read/watch!




Who is MakeSense?

What is MakeSense? from Videaux on Vimeo.

I joined MakeSense in early 2011, only a few months it was started by two dreamy French students who really wanted to meet Professor Yunus, often called the Father of Social Business (a specific form of social enterprise). They set off on an adventure that took them from Paris to the bustling streets of India and Bangladesh; all in an effort to finally meet him as he was speaking in lots of cities along the way.


They finally met him but realized that the journey of meeting young people also wanting to help social entrepreneurs and interested in their mission to meet Professor Yunus was a sign. In fact, they quickly realized that there was no real community of young people championing the cause of Social Entrepreneurship which to them didn’t make sense. Therefore, they started MakeSense – a community of changemakers passionate about solving the challenges of social entrepreneurs.


In the past 4 years, we have solved the challenges of 500 social entrepreneurs through 600 events in 100 cities with the help of 17,000 changemakers. A big achievement for a 98% volunteer driven organization. The events MakeSense does involve using innovative models of design thinking to facilitate a rapid prototyping workshop which brings the best out of a crowd of diverse skills and expertise. Now MakeSense itself has social enterprise arm and is monetizing its services to corporates to fund the community.



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