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Toolkits & How To Guides

From speaking to survivors of abuse, stalking and cyber bullying, we realised there are key gaps in available information for these most vulnerable social groups, irrespective of the country they live in. With the help of these survivors and field experts, we’ve built open source, collaborative guides that fill these gaps and, in doing so, give those in need higher ground to stand on, wherever in the world they may be. As a result, these toolkits are reaching NGOs and women globally – from Brazil and the United States to the United Kingdom and India.

Latest guides include:


Platforms to inform & support women facing domestic violence

1 in 3 women around the world face domestic violence and this number goes up to 70-80% in India and Pakistan. These platforms allow stressed and desperate women to easily navigate their options and exercise self-help, and its encouraging and friendly tone aims to reassure the women reading. Articles include advice for protecting themselves from an honour killing and depression to details on divorce laws and escape plans, complete with ways to reduce the very real risks for women who take this brave step to protect themselves and their children. Other areas of the website include a Catharsis Room – a sharing space – as well as informative crowd-sourced articles on topics such as mental and sexual health and tips on becoming financially independent.

Want a Chayn for your country? Help us make it happen. Send us an email at

The SuperNova project addresses abuse in queer relationships. Coming soon!


Digital Services

Cuts to government funding and a slowly adapting social services sector can leave survivors at risk. Ultimately, our goal is to enable women to become the masters of their own fate. Hence, in 2016, we decided to support two digital services. This is a daunting but hugely exciting thing for us, as a volunteer-run organisation to take on and we will be blogging about it!

We’re in London now but launching in Lahore soon.

Ammal — the pay-it-forward digital skills sharing network for women

Ammal is a new education initiative that hopes that, by empowering women through gamified training, Ammal can get women coding, designing, building and more importantly, collaborating. Ammal will create an open and collaborative network of women who support and empower each other by passing on the skills they have and the skills they’ve learned to other women in order to progress to new levels of courses.

Soul Medicine / Coming Soon!

Soul Medicine is a mental well-being programme designed to reduce loneliness and depression by providing people with tech-facilitated access to crowdsourced (by volunteers!) feel-good knowledge courses and motivational quotes. These courses can be delivered in multiple languages, thus helping people learn new languages and expressions along the way.

The content is in 6 languages so that people can sign up to receive messages in their local language as well as the language of their host country. This helps the individual receiving the messages feel connected to their host country, making them feel more at home. The messages have all been sourced by real women from Syria, Afghanistan, Germany, Lebanon, France and the UK meaning that they have a personal rather than clinical feel.

Launching in July 2016. Developed at EmpowerHack.