Calling all changemakers!

Promise – we are not a cult. We are a 100% volunteer-driven, open-source organisation┬áthat believes in making a difference through technology. We’re looking for ambitious, passionate and skilled volunteers and advisors to help us make this happen.

Becoming a volunteer at Chayn is easy and it’s plug-and-play so there are absolutely no obligations. You can help us in your own time, from your own home, and whenever you feel like it. Our network of volunteers spans the world and volunteers are able to suggest, collaborate and start new projects. You can be as involved as you want! The┬ámore we are; the more impact Chayn can make in empowering women.

Please find your area of interest below and let us know how you would like to help. A Chayn member will respond in no time and we can get started!

If you have an idea for something else – just give us a shout!


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