Chayn teams up MakeSense to host an MKS Room to tell the story of refugees and the people working to empower them

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To raise awareness of the challenges faced by refugees and to share the stories of social entrepreneurs, artists and NGOs helping them, we’re teaming up with MakeSense to host an MKS Room before Empower Hack. The MKS Room will be on the 26th of November. MakeSense UK , Sounds Advice , Chayn and Empower Hack are all very excited to host you at the Newspeak House.


The migration of refugees fleeing conflict in Syria and surrounding countries has been one of this year’s defining, and most complicated stories. With an estimated 9 million Syrians being forced to flee their homes since the outbreak of civil war we are potentially confronting the largest exodus in human history since World War II. Responding humanely and effectively to this  current refugee crisis is arguably one of the most significant problems that our generation is facing.


While the majority of refugees remain displaced in nearby countries such as Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey, migration within Europe is being affected by this conflict and conflicts in surrounding areas. The United Nations reports that over than 700,000 migrants, from the Middle East and North Africa, are estimated to have arrived in Europe by sea so far this year.


In response to this reality, the MKS Room aims to gather people and create a meaningful debate around the Refugee Crisis. In conversation with entrepreneurs, artists, musicians and representatives of the NGO sector we will try to analyse to what extent Media today are framing the situation correctly and how citizens can effectively take actions to help the current scenario improve in the short and long term.


If you don’t know about our friends at MakeSense already – here is a little bit of information to get you started: MakeSense mobilises citizens around the social issues that they care about, to enable them to find concrete solutions to solve them.




Paula Schwarz is a mentor, entrepreneur and social innovator from Germany. She is the co-founder of The Migration Hub Berlin is a coworking space in Berlin-Schöneberg which is open to startups, initiatives and individuals who are committed to social innovation, integration, entrepreneurship and solutions to the refugee crisis. The Migration Hub is working to open a new space in London by Spring 2016.


Antonio Olmos is a Photojournalist who has worked covering issues concerning Human Rights, The Environment and Conflict. Antonio is also a dedicated Editorial & Portrait Photographer whose images have appeared in all the UK Broadsheet Weekend Magazines including the Observer Magazine.Antonio has spent weeks documenting the refugee crisis for the Guardian and Observer. He has been in Hungary, Austria, Serbia, Macedonia and Greece recording the effect that the flight from persecution and conflict has had on the mostly Syrian people and the obstacles they have to overcome to reach a better life.


Zarlasht Halaimzai, a former refugee herself has recently come back from Turkey – where she worked on the Syrian border as part of crisis response team for Save the Children.  In the last 2 months she has been organising a grassroots group to collect and distribute essential supplies for refugees in Europe. She has first hand experience of migration and refugee experience – having lived, worked and migrated to and from Afghanistan, Jordan, Ukraine, Turkey and Pakistan, Uzbekistan and the UK among others



Nele needs a Holiday: Belgian-born London-based singer-songwriter with an all-female band. Hyper Realistic Pop.

Soundcloud –

Eastern Barbers: a duo based in London creating amazing music.

SoundCloud –


The session will be hosted by Hera Hussain, the founder of Chayn and one of the earliest members of MakeSense.
Huge thanks to Alberto Campora, from MakeSense UK who has curated this event, bringing together a mix of interesting speakers who are focused on action.

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